Culture fit is still one of the top criteria for a hiring manager, despite the current working situation in their company. With more of the country adopting a flexible approach to home working it’s more important than ever to focus on culture fit in an interview. For both you and the hiring manager.

As we all spend more time away from the office, how we now spend time with our colleagues has changed. But, culture fit is still really important. Companies that hire for culture fit will see improved retention – meaning you are more likely to stay in the job for longer; higher levels of productivity; and a happier workforce.

But how do you demonstrate culture fit in an interview? Especially if it’s a video interview. Here’s our top tips –


Before you do anything, you need to do your homework and find out all you can about the current culture. Not sure how to do this? Here’s some ideas.

Firstly look at the company social media channels. Do they tell you anything about the office and the people? Are there clues to what they value and what the culture actually looks like?

Take a look at the company careers site. Some companies will go beyond simply posting live jobs and will give a real feel to what it’s like to work with them. Finally, you should always look at company reviews. Glassdoor has unedited reviews for most companies – take a look. But don’t let the odd poor review put you off – unless of course they are all you can see! Also take a look at Google reviews. This will tell you a lot about how a company treats its customers.

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Does the culture fit you?

Now that you have a better idea of the company values, working environment and more, you’ll want to think carefully about how this matches you own. Does the company offer an environment in which you will thrive? Will it suit your working style? These are all really important things to consider when interviewing. Don’t assume that all companies within a certain sector have the same culture. The age and size of a company can make a huge difference to the culture.

What questions to expect so that you can demonstrate culture fit

We’ve researched the most commonly asked interview questions when it comes to culture fit. Take a look at the questions below and take some time to think how you will answer. Your answers will help the hiring manger determine if you are the right culture fit.

This is a key part of the interview process. In fact, it can be the decision between you being hired or not. It’s important to take the time to prepare!

Why not let us help? As part of our service to you, we will make sure that you are prepared for any question. We can give you insight on company culture and important things to make sure you cover. Take a look at our latest jobs today or simply submit your CV.