Loving your job can actually help you succeed. In the words of Steve Jobs “the only way to do great work is to love what you do’. But how does this lead to success in your job?

Loving your job is a great productivity booster and this will help enhance your performance. People who enjoy their jobs are more likely to be optimistic, motivated, learn faster, make fewer mistakes, and better business decisions. Therefore, loving your job really can make you most successful. But that’s not all! It’s also been proven to have a positive impact on your mental health.

Let’s start off with how you feel about your job

Is your job just a way to earn money? Or do you really enjoy what you do? In a recent poll, we discovered that as many as 26% of people hate what they do. They see it as a way to simply pay the bills.

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But it doesn’t have to be this way! You spend so much time at your job that it really is important that you enjoy when you do. Spending day after day doing something that doesn’t give you some level of joy will slowly be eating away at your mental health, sense of fulfilment, confidence and more.

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Now let’s look at the surprising benefits of loving your job

Lower stress levels

Regardless of your job, it inevitable that sometimes you will feel moments of stress. This is completely natural and nothing to be concerned about. However, feeling stressed for prolonged periods can take a serious toll on your performance and your health. With as many as 79% of UK workers saying that they frequently feel work-related stress, it’s something we need to change! Everybody’s capacity to manage stress if different. And this is why some people thrive in jobs that others wouldn’t enjoy.

Stress is the biggest side effect of doing work that isn’t a reflection of your strengths. Consider this next time you feel that heart rate soar.

Loving your job makes you a happier person

It’s a simple thought. Loving your job is bound to make you happier. But it goes deeper than this. When your job doesn’t bring you joy, you can feel that it’s you against the world. You may feel that everyone is against you at work when this isn’t the case. It’s hard to keep a clear perspective when your headspace is negative. Happiness is an often-overlooked factor when it comes to looking for your next job. But it’s such a key part of your life. Harbouring resentment at work can disrupt your work-life balance and can even put strain on your relationships outside of work.

Maybe it’s time to sit down and really think about what would make you the happiest in your work.

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Increased levels of fulfilment

As humans, we function better when we have a sense of purpose. It’s possibly one of the most important keys to living a long and healthy life. When you love your job, you feel fulfilled. It’s a great feeling and it’s one that we should all be able to feel regularly. But that’s not all. When you feel more fulfilled, you also experience great motivation, more energy and even a better night’s sleep!

There are many studies around continual development and its impact on your fulfilment levels. Therefore, finding a role where you will constantly be learning new skills will in itself increase your fulfilment levels. And you get to learn new skills too, so it really is a win-win.

Loving your job gives you more confidence

It’s hard to feel optimistic about something when you don’t enjoy what you do for most of the day. If you take your job satisfaction seriously, you no doubt set yourself goals. Or maybe your line manager works on a personal development plan (PDP) with you? Accomplishing goals will help prove to yourself that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. It may even impact positively on your life outside of work!

When you succeed at something, it gives you a great feeling. A feeling that you will want to replicate wherever possible. This will give you greater confidence to reach for new goals. And this in turn will help increase your confidence in the workplace. You’ll be amazed at what opportunities come your way if you’re putting out positive, confident vibes.

You deserve to love your job

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