There are many ways that a recruitment agency can help your business. But we’ve chosen just a few to share in more detail.

Market insight

Want to know what’s happening in the jobs market? Speak to a recruitment agency. We speak to clients and candidates every single day. And this gives us the best insight into the market right now. We know the average salary you need to offer to attract candidates with the right experience. The benefits wanted by candidates, and the size of the talent pool for your role. Hiring has become more difficult over the last few years. There is a global shortage of talent. Plus, it’s taking companies longer to recruit than ever before. This is where working with a recruitment agency gives you a behind the screens look at the market. And this could prove invaluable when it comes to hiring the best.

A recruitment agency can help you to reduce hiring costs

We know that companies have a choice when it comes to recruiting. You can work with a recruitment agency, or you can give it a go yourself. It used to be easier than it is to recruit right now. You put out an advert and the responses came flooding in. The biggest problem was finding the time to sift through all the applications. But this is no longer the case. Adverts, whilst a vital part of any recruitment process, are not giving the same results. Applications are less and companies are often having to advertise 4 or 5 times before finding just a couple of suitable candidates to interview. And this is without even mentioning that these candidates will be in demand, and not around for long.

In this current market, taking the risk of spending money to advertise, without guaranteed results, is a risky strategy. Advertising on job boards has become significantly more expensive. And if you’re having to advertise multiple times, this can easily exceed the fee an agency would charge. Plus, there’s nothing to pay until you have hired someone. Less risky in the current climate.


See only pre-vetted candidates

When you receive CVs from a recruitment agency, they have already passed the first stage of the hiring process. An agency pre-vets every candidate. That way, you know that when a CV lands in your inbox, they already meet the basic criteria for the role. They will be asked about motivations to move jobs, salary requirements, location, availability and more. But that’s not all. When you work with Charterhouse, you get access to our video interviewing technology. And this takes the pre-screening to another level. Candidates can record a video with answers to pre-set questions, determined by you. In a world where time is precious and the recruitment process needs to be speedy, this is a great help.

Using video interview technology to pre-screen your candidates means that you only spend time meeting those that really fit the bill. You get to see so much more than just words on a paper. Video interviews bring your recruitment process to life.

Let a recruitment agency lead your salary negotiations

Right now, salaries are a hot topic. The cost-of-living crisis has seen increased demands on starting salaries. When working with a recruitment agency, you know the salary requirements of the candidates up front. And sometimes, it’s a straight-forward process of offering what they want and moving forward. However, it’s not always that simple. Almost every candidate is going to expect to be paid the highest amount possible. So, when offers are made that are slightly below expectation, you need an experienced negotiator. We negotiate salaries on a daily basis, and we know how to get a fair deal for both parties. All in all, there’s a much better chance of success if you work with a recruitment agency to fill your roles.

How we can help

We’ve been helping companies to recruit exceptional candidates for over 20 years. We have the experience, the network, and the passion to help make sure that your business is a success by having the right people on board. Get in touch with our specialist team today and let us help your business today.