A new job may just be what you need right now. As things begin to settle and return to a new normal, it’s natural to be considering your career options. The excitement and upheaval of working from home is over. You may still be working from home, or have some degree of flexible working. But, as whatever your situation now becomes the norm, feelings of monotony, stress, or lack of inspiration can start to creep in.

Our working life takes up most of our time, so this is your moment to be selfish and find your dream new job. If you are feeling any of the signs below, it’s time to start looking. And there’s never been a better time to change jobs.

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5 signs it’s time to start looking for a new job

You’ve started to pay more attention to job ads

Without even realising it, do you find yourself subconsciously attracted to jobs post on LinkedIn? Are you finding yourself clicking on job adverts to find out more? If this is becoming a daily activity, refreshing the job boards or clicking on those LinkedIn posts, it’s time for a new job!

Most people feeling insecure, unsatisfied or bored in their current workplace will look elsewhere. However, if this has developed from just having a bad day, into more long term dissatisfaction, hitting the apply button is your next step!

Your current job is becoming too stressful

You may have always had a stressful working day in your current workplace. However, are you noticing that the stress is outshining your favourite bits of the job? Are you snappy with colleagues or your friends?  If this is your current situation, and there’s limited opportunity to overcome the key issues causing the stress, it’s time to find a new career you love!


You’re demotivated, unpassionate and less productive

This is a very common warning sign that a different job could be just what the doctor ordered. Everyone has an unproductive day here and there. However, if it is becoming a common theme, where you’re lacking motivation to work to your best ability, start writing your resignation letter. But give us a call first and we will help you to secure interviews.

You dread Monday’s and wish for Friday’s – time for a new job

For most of the population, Monday blues do exist. Even if we are simply making the commute from bed to desk. However, once a cup of coffee is in hand and the workload starts, this feeling for most is gone. Even after your favourite biscuit and a catch up with your colleagues, do you still spend your week wishing for Friday? If your negativity goes beyond the Monday blues, it’s time to look for a job that excites you!

There’s a lack of opportunity in your current workplace

Do you feel like you have ‘outgrown’ your current job? This is a common scenario for many people. If you have the aspiration to develop further, gain greater experience or are driven to achieve a promotion, but don’t have these options in your current company, searching for a company who do should be your next step.

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