Charterhouse Recruitment are delighted to be launching a benefits platform in 2018 specifically for temporary and contract workers.  As a reward to all our workers you will be able to access lots of discounts including shopping, cinemas, holidays, short breaks plus so much more and it won’t cost you a penny! It is a thank you from Charterhouse Recruitment to you for the excellent work you do for us!  We know that our success is largely down to the work that you do for us and, as well as finding you great jobs we wanted to give something else back to show our appreciation.  We really value the work you put in.  Once you start temping or contracting for us you will be eligible to access the on line platform;

You can make savings on:

If you are currently working for us, get in touch and if you have any questions about this benefit call the York office on 01904 629009, we wouldn’t want you to miss out!