Following the announcement of an extended lockdown, there are a lot of people across the world who will be struggling with keeping any kind of wellness routine.

Even the strongest of those amongst us are likely to have the odd down day at the moment and we wanted to help as much as we can by sharing our top ten apps for wellbeing.

The Charterhouse team are big fans of most of these apps and we are definitely finding them useful as we spend more time at home.


Let’s start with fitness.  We all know that the fitter we are, the stronger we are to fight off illness, so what better time to get into a new fitness regime?

apps for fitness


So that’s the fitness of our bodies taken care of, what about our minds.  Here’s our top choice of mindfulness apps.

apps for meditation

Mental Health

Some of us are at home with our partners, some have large families, some just the dog for extra company, but at this time there are lots of people on their own too.  Being in lockdown on your own can be tough so here’s our top 2 apps to help.

taking care of mental health


Finally, as lots of us reach for the snack drawer throughout the day and drink a little more than normal, it’s important that we check our nutritional health too.  Planning meals will not only help your health, it will also make those visits to the supermarket easier.  Here’s our top 2 – 

Food apps

We hope that you find these apps useful and that they help you get through lockdown with a strong mind and body.

Stay safe everyone and if you have any hints and tips to share with us, we’d love to hear from you.