Identifying the best candidate for your current vacancy/vacancies can often feel like a mammoth task and one you don’t want to get wrong. You know your business and your team better than anyone. However, finding the time to give the recruitment process the effort it deserves in order to make the right decision, can prove difficult.

A great way of taking the pressure off you hiring the best possible candidate is using a recruitment agency like ours. This can boost your existing in-house expertise and add further value to your hiring process. You will also find that by working with a recruitment agency, finding, shortlisting and interviewing your candidates will feel far more streamlined.

Below, we have put together several of the benefits of working with a recruitment agency. Making the most out of these will help ensure you’re getting the support you need to allow you to secure the best candidates in today’s competitive market. 

Access to a larger pool of candidates

A recruitment agency will work hard to create the biggest pool of talented candidates possible. Often, they will even have a national network of offices. This means that you have the opportunity to consider candidates from all over the UK and even beyond! Not only this, but the bigger the pool of candidates you have access to, the better the chance of hiring the ideal individual for the role and your company. This may not have been possible had you not have been working with a recruitment agency. We have over 20 years of experience of working within the recruitment industry, which means we almost certainly have the ideal candidate for you. We also take things a step further, by actively seeking talented candidates rather than just waiting for them to apply on job boards!

Get with the times

You probably have a wonderful internal recruitment process that works perfectly for you. However, why not take it that one step further? Working with a recruitment agency can allow you to push boundaries. This can be hugely beneficial, particularly when hiring for a role with a niche skill set. A good recruiter should be innovative and support you with finding cost effective and strategic recruitment solutions. Over the years, the experience we have gained has allowed us to form a sleek process to make finding, interviewing and placing candidates for you seem like a walk in the park, something we’re extremely proud of! However, we know that there’s always room for improvement, so we ensure that we are continuously finding ways to make it even better!

Make recruiting a breeze

Hiring an employee that can meet the requirements of your vacancy can be complicated. This is because it will often require an individual with a specific set of skills and pinpointing candidates with them can be extremely time consuming. Today, the current hiring landscape is candidate driven. As a result, it has become vital that the hiring process moves quickly. By working with a recruitment agency, you will be assigned a skilled recruitment consultant that will assess your business requirements and objectives. They understand that the best candidates don’t stay on the market for long, so they will ensure the entire process is as slick and quick as possible. Moreover, they can also help and support you to identify the specific skills required for the role, which will in turn result in a smoother recruitment process. All of our consultants are experts in their fields, and they receive continuous training to ensure they never get left behind. We’re so proud of the passion, hard work and determination they show every day and how they pride themselves on making your recruitment experience as plain sailing as possible.


Take the weight off your shoulders

Recruiting for a vacancy often comes with several hurdles that you’ll probably agree you could do without. Good recruitment consultants are skilled in finding you the best candidates for your role and will help you secure your top choice. Not only this, but they will also sell your company and the role to the candidates, negotiate a competitive salary and deal with issues such as counteroffers from other employers. Furthermore, working with recruitment agencies is also great for candidates. Consultants strive to understand their career goals and find them a role that will help them achieve them. This is so important when it comes to retaining the best talent and helping you build a happy workplace. We understand that in order for us to succeed, we need to ensure that our clients and candidates are succeeding first.

Recruitment agencies work hard for you

How profitable recruitment agencies/recruitment consultants are, often depends on how many talented candidates they have placed for businesses just like yours. Therefore, it is in their best interest to work extremely hard to find you the exact talent you’re looking for. It’s also vital for their success to build a good reputation so that they can get more clients on board. Therefore, a good agency should ensure that they provide you with an impeccable service which will have you coming back to them time and time again. We want Charterhouse to be your agency of choice so we will always do our best to provide you with a service that exceeds your expectations.

We could talk about the benefits of working with a recruitment agency forever, but instead, we’d rather show you. In our 20 years in industry, we’ve successfully built in-depth expertise across our 5 core recruitment specialties of Accountancy and Finance, Office Support, Human Resources, Marketing and Procurement and Supply Chain. That is why our repeat business rate is over 85% and we have established clients who come back time and time again.

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