The busiest day of the year for employee resignations is soon approaching… That’s right, resignation Friday is practically here. So far, January has probably reflected a typical recruitment month. You may have added to your team or lost an employee, or two. Yet, as 31st emerges, it’s about to get very busy! 

How ready are you as a company to deal with the potential backlash of resignation Friday? Whether you’re the best company out there, continuously attracting candidates, it’s important to have a plan in place. Resignations are natural, they happen. With this in mind, your key employees may be considering new opportunities. 

Keep this in mind for resignation Friday and beyond…

What motivates resignation Friday?

As the New Year dust settles, question marks make an appearance for employees. As humans, we crave that next change, once settled back into our routines. Many will question their career prospects, what they want out of a workplace and the potential to receive this with their current employer. 

For some, a brand-new opportunity will move them closer to their aspirations; influencing a resignation. Now, consider that 41% of Brits are currently on the job hunt. Imagine the current size of this candidate pool. As resignation Friday occurs, this influx will impact companies up and down the country – in fact, it’s known to notoriously do so. 

Will you be one of them? Just in case, it’s important to prepare and plan ahead for any potential resignations. Maintain workload and secure new employees, quickly, through preparing a resolution.

How to prepare for resignation Friday? 

Think about it, out of nowhere, you could receive an unexpected resignation. With no plans in place, and a notice period ticking by, how will you manage both the workload and finding a new employee? Master this through preparation, and an effective recruitment strategy. 

Pre prepare through candidate attraction techniques

Candidate attraction efforts should continuously be maintained. Recruitment is a year-round activity for most industries. With this in mind, candidate attraction shouldn’t be new to you. 

If it is, now is your time to increase your efforts, in time for resignation Friday and beyond. Here’s a tick list for achieving strong candidate attraction through Charterhouse Recruitment… 

– Job advertising 

Writing an effective job advert can help your chances of attracting candidates. As the market becomes saturated, post-resignation Friday, you’ll need an ad that stands out. Imagine the number of opportunities that will pop up when typing in ‘HR administrator’ jobs.

Forming a clear, punchy, informative yet engaging job advert can be hard. Making sure that it’s fully optimised for search engines can also be challenging if this isn’t your forte. Yet, an effective ad will be invaluable post-resignation Friday. 

It’s also important to ensure your job adverts are shared across top job boards and high traffic websites – pinpointed as a successful recruitment method for our team. 

– Social media content 

Social media platforms are now the most effective tool for recruitment. Boost your continuous visibility as a company, whether you’re currently hiring or not. This will serve you well for the post-resignation Friday result, and for future years. 

Select social media advertising through our services here at Charterhouse Recruitment, along with increasing your own content creation. Shout all things employer branding and employee advocacy, improving your attractiveness. 

how to prepare for resignation Friday

– Candidate search 

Actively attracting candidates is highly beneficial. Yet, a continuous candidate search strategy will also improve your chances post-resignation Friday. 

Searching through the likes of LinkedIn or job boards can be time-consuming. With a highly effective search strategy, you’ll soon be engaging with top talent; readily available through our headhunting service. 

– Press advertising 

The value of traditional marketing channels are commonly perceived as low. Yet, as more and more companies focus on digital, this leaves a gap of opportunity for candidate attraction. Through our strong press relationships, we advertise across local, national and trade platforms; known to boost job visibility. 

Although candidate attraction can be maintained in-house, it is advised to work with recruitment experts, following effective, fully verified strategies. 2020’s resignation Friday may have reached you – prepare for a positive result in 2021. 

Follow an effective recruitment strategy 

Having an effective recruitment strategy in place, to implement all-year-round will benefit your company. This will especially add value through slow and busy times, such as resignation Friday. 

Both time and communication can impact the effectiveness of a recruitment strategy. By offering an efficient application process, you’ll soon attract those jobseekers, actively searching post-resignation Friday. This is a highly desirable factor for candidates, improving their search experience. By maintaining open communication, you’ll boost your trustworthiness, improving candidate relations and ongoing recommendations – very handy if you do happen to lose employees post-resignation Friday. 

To help our clients maintain an effective recruitment strategy, here at Charterhouse Recruitment, we offer a comprehensive recruitment process. We appreciate how resignations may be a surprise. We understand how time-consuming recruiting can be while also running a business. 

From market appraisals and understanding true business objectives, to bespoke solutions and candidate attraction, we support clients within a number of sectors; including accountancy and finance, office support, HR, marketing and procurement/supply chain. 

If you’re affected by resignation Friday or require support with your ongoing recruitment strategy, get in touch with our team today.