As a recruitment agency, we often get asked about the most important skills that employers look for in candidates. Therefore, we’ve compiled this list of skills from our experience working with companies to find the ideal employee for their roles.


Communication is one of the most important skills you can develop in your career. It’s also one of the most challenging, because it encompasses so many different aspects of your life: verbal and written communication, as well as your ability to listen effectively and connect with others on a personal level.

To improve your communication skills, start by considering which aspects of communication are most important for you right now. Are there certain situations where poor communication has caused problems in the past? What would happen if those issues were resolved? How would this change affect the way people perceive you at work or school?

Once we’ve identified our goals for improving our ability to communicate effectively (and why), we can figure out how best to achieve them–whether that means taking classes or reading books about public speaking skills; learning how small changes in tone and body language can help convey confidence when presenting ideas; practicing better listening habits by paying attention during meetings instead of checking email on their phones…


Flexibility is an important skill for candidates to have. It shows that you are willing to learn new skills and work in different roles, locations and time zones.

This means that if an employer asks you to do something outside of your normal role, then you should be willing to do so without complaint or hesitation.

Time management

Time management skills are a necessity for people in all roles. The ability to plan, delegate and prioritise effectively can help you maximise your productivity and minimise stress levels.

To improve your time management:

managing your time


Initiative is about taking the initiative to complete tasks, being proactive, and taking responsibility for your own learning. It’s a can-do attitude that says “I’ll do it myself” rather than waiting for someone else to do it for you. This skill shows employers that you’re not afraid of hard work–you want to get things done on time and in an efficient manner.

Customer service

Customer service skills are important in any job, and they can be learned. A recruitment agency looks for candidates who have a natural aptitude for customer service.


Empathy and teamwork skills

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It’s an important skill for anyone who works with people, and it’s also an essential part of teamwork.

Teamwork skills are key to success in any job, but they’re especially critical in highly collaborative professions like sales or marketing. In these fields, it’s crucial for team members to be able to communicate effectively with each other–and empathy can play a big role here too: if you’ve ever had trouble understanding why someone else has done something unexpected (or something that seems silly), then you know how important it is for everyone involved in a project or meeting to have good emotional intelligence skills at their disposal!

These skills are important to employers everywhere.

The following are top skills that employers look for in candidates:

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