Would you like to work in recruitment? Are you intrigued by the day to day of a recruiter? Maybe you’re interested in a new fast-paced, challenging, and highly rewarding career path?

You may already know people who work in recruitment. Maybe they have told you all about it? But what skills will you need to be successful?

Whilst each of our consultants has a unique set of skills, they all share something in common –

Communication skills

This must be one of the top skills you need to work in recruitment. After all, it’s exactly what the job entails. Communication. At Charterhouse, we pride ourselves on delivering a positive experience to both our clients and our candidates. We are representing our clients when we speak to candidates, and it’s important to do this professionally. We also communicate with clients when it comes to giving feedback on job descriptions, salaries etc. Without great communication skills, none of this would be possible.

Interpersonal skills

Not only do you need great communication skills to work in recruitment, but you also have to have excellent interpersonal skills. You need to be able to easily build relationships with clients and candidates and develop trust. Right now, there’s a lot of competition for good candidates. Therefore, you’ll need those interpersonal skills to help give candidates the confidence that you are the right recruiter to work with.

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Attention to detail

Whilst every job needs some degree of attention to detail, it’s a top still when it comes to recruitment. Attention to detail is required in every area of the job. Whether that be when taking a job from a client, or arranging an interview, you need to get things right. You need to be able to make sure that you take every bit of detail from the client that you need to talk to candidates. When reviewing a candidate’s CV, you need to be sure to check for specifics relating to the job. And there’s lots, lots more as examples. However, if you have excellent attention to detail, it’s likely you’ll be successful when you work in recruitment.


Another great skill to have for recruitment. Our day can change at a moment’s notice. You need to be able to adjust to change effectively, or you may find a job in recruitment a little overwhelming. As situations evolve, a successful recruiter will find proactive solutions quickly. Often things are time sensitive in recruitment so thinking on your feet is needed quite often. A candidate can let you down last minute. They may accept a job offer and then change their minds. Lots can happen! You need to be able to quickly reconnect with candidates and still fill the position.


Whilst recruitment really can feel like the best job in the world at times, there are also times when it’s tough. To be successful, you need to be able to continue reaching out to clients and candidates, even after receiving multiple rejections along the way. If you are able to stay motivated and focused on the goal of matching a candidate to a client, you’ll do great! When you work in recruitment, you realise that you and your service, or your vacancy are not for everyone. But that’s OK. All you need to do is persevere and you’ll find the people you need.

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