The interview landscape has changed. Now, this isn’t new news. For some time, many companies have made use of video technologies and their capabilities. Virtual interviews have and continue to benefit both hiring companies and candidates. 

Yet, in today’s world, where the majority, even the recruitment industry has been affected by COVID-19, video interview methods have stepped up. Face to face interviews no longer carry feasibility, leaving the industry with a highly effective, yet rarely utilised method of video interviewing. However, that’s now going to change. 

As a candidate, this could be completely new to you. It may sound a little scary in fact. Yet, here at Charterhouse Recruitment, we can reassure you that video interviews aren’t as bad as they sound. However, it is important that you prepare and sell yourself well, like any other interview setting. 

Through an uncertain time, have certainty in your ability to sell yourself in a video interview, with our ultimate formula.  

Why are video interview methods beneficial for all? 

The video interview method may sound absurd to some, especially those who advocate human contact. Yet, they are very prevalent in the digital era, offering a valuable interview opportunity. Not to mention, promoting social distancing at this challenging time.

The greatest longstanding benefit of video interviews is flexibility. Not all hiring managers have the time to interview a large scale of candidates. Likewise, not all candidates have the flexibility to attend multiple interviews. By opting for a virtual video interview, a quicker interview turnaround can be experienced for both parties. 

A favoured factor for candidates is their ability to grasp whether a company and opportunity are for them, without investing in transport or booking time off work. Flexibly, from your own home, you can make this observation through a video interview. 

Through today’s pandemic, video interview methods are helping the recruitment cogs continue. The technology is aiding candidates through their job search, while filling those much-needed roles for companies. Through a challenging time, video interview methods are standing up and allowing reality to continue. 

As more and more companies make use of this technology over the coming weeks and months, it is imperative that you learn how to sell yourself in a video interview. You may feel like a seasoned interviewee. Although similar in some formats, the virtual world is a completely new ballgame… 

Sell yourself in a video interview with our ultimate formula 

Here at Charterhouse Recruitment, we’ve combined our vast recruitment experience and knowledge to create the ultimate formula. We appreciate how manoeuvring tech devices isn’t everyone’s forte. We understand that without vlogging or video presenting exposure, you probably lack experience in front of a camera. 

sell yourself in a video interview

With concerns commonly linked to this new method, set outside of the comfort zone, we’ve created an effective formula to follow, with the aim to sell yourself in a video interview. Through our guidance, we hope that you’ll feel confident, prepared and ready to perform virtually. 

Our ultimate formula to sell yourself in a video interview is:

Preparation + Awareness + Performance = A successful video interview 

Step 1 to sell yourself: Preparation 

Preparation is the first part of the formula to sell yourself in a video interview. Like any form of interview, planning is required to perform highly. A video interview should never be mistaken for a lazier, more relaxed approach. 

You’ll need to research top interview questions and plan out your answers. You’ll also need to research the company you’ve applied for, along with familiarising yourself of their culture, values and the role you’re interviewing for. We recommend preparing a range of questions to ask throughout your interview. Dress accordingly, even though you’re sitting behind a computer screen. Take your video interview just as serious as any other face to face interview or assessment centre. 

If you can prepare efficiently, you’ll be one step closer to successfully sell yourself in a video interview. 

Step 2 to sell yourself: Awareness 

Commonly through face to face interviews, you’ll have little control over your surroundings or how the interview will pan out. For a video interview, you do, so use this to your advantage to sell yourself. Sell yourself as an aware individual; as a competent and engaged professional; as an organised and passionate candidate. 

You can achieve this by picking a private and quiet area. Test all tech required for your video interview in advance. Even practise the process of your interview. Boost awareness surrounding your body language, eye contact and tone of voice. Although all should be considered for a generic interview, senses are heightened through a video interaction. Disorganisation or unawareness will be spotted a mile off. 

To sell yourself in a video interview we advise that you gain awareness of your interview structure. Will this be a live interview? Will pre-recorded questions be asked, following a short period for you to record your answers? This preparation will help you perform better. 

Step 3 to sell yourself: Performance 

Although this may seem easier said than done, especially if you’re camera shy, try and act as you would in a normal interview. In fact, a video interview setting at home should help you ease into the process a little easier. 

To ensure you can perform in your video interview, preparation and awareness are vital. The above steps will help you reach this point, which leaves you with your capabilities. Your performance will be down to how you act and approach your video interview. If you’ve done your research and organisation, you’ll feel at ease to be yourself and answer the upcoming questions confidently. Remember being yourself is very important!

Without preparation and awareness, you may struggle to sell yourself in a video interview, failing to fully represent who you truly are as a professional. This is your time to sell yourself as the ideal candidate, as a valuable employee. Do not let technology or a new discomforting interview format throw you off. 

Through our ultimate formula, we hope you feel more confident and prepared to sell yourself in a video interview. This method will be new to most. It will seem strange in comparison to a general interview. Yet, through their capabilities, video interviewing will be the future, so now is a great time to practice and boost your awareness. 

If you’re currently looking for a new opportunity, feel free to contact our Charterhouse Recruitment team today. Alternatively, if you require further advice on interviews, follow us on LinkedIn, as we continuously share hints and tips!