If you’re stuck in the doldrums of job hunting and trying to get interviews for that ‘perfect’ permanent job, perhaps it’s time to think a little differently. There are plenty of temporary job benefits which are well worth considering. For example:

1. Temp jobs aren’t always… temporary!
Do a great job in your temp position and you may find yourself being lined up for a longer-term contract or even a full-time role. Being a temp in an accountancy and finance role, for example, is a great way to prove your skills, enthusiasm and attitude on the job – without even needing to go through the usual round of interviews. You will already be a sound choice in the employer’s eyes and far better placed to secure any permanent position which becomes available.

2. Temp jobs give you a boost
Job hunting can be soul-destroying and the economy is challenging. By getting into a temp job, you can feel the mental benefits of being in work and gain valuable new content for your CV, whilst earning again.

3. Add new CV info
Temporary positions are also ideal when you need to flesh out a CV and add interesting new skills and experiences. These roles also show that you are proactive and committed to working; getting into an available job rather than sitting at home and waiting for that permanent role interview to finally come through.

4. Grow your network
A strong network in your industry of choice is essential. You can grow it with a temporary position in a new business and gain valuable contacts, who may be able to help you in your career. Build those networks, do a great job, show that you are a fantastic candidate and you may find that word of mouth does the trick in terms of securing you the next role.

5. Learn new skills
There is no better way to learn new skills than on the job. In addition to learning technical and functional skills, you will be able to contextualise what you know into ‘real life’ working situations – which are the situations that interviewers really like to hear about.

6. Try something new
Not sure where to take your career? Perhaps you are looking for your first job or considering a career change? A temporary role is a great way to test potential new roles, business types and industries, giving you a vital insight into what any future job might hold if you did decide to further commit.

7. Be part of the modern working economy
Today’s smarter workers tend to be flexible, motivated, adaptable and self-starting. They often will have a range of temporary, interim, self-employed, teleworking, flexible and contract roles on their CV and some may even prefer to do this in the longer-term rather than stick to just one job. So you will have the satisfaction of being one of tomorrow’s generation of new-wave workers, and gain the skills needed to succeed in the new employment economy at the same time.

With all things considered, perhaps it’s time to pause the challenging and traditional path of finding a permanent job and find a way to fast-track your way to better career benefits with a temporary position.