Finance is one of those sectors that has been notoriously difficult to break into. When it comes to finance jobs, it’s unlikely that your first job will be your dream job. Finance is a sector where there’s plenty of room to learn, adapt and evolve. Only after spending time working in the finance sector will you really start to find your specialism.

But how do you get an entry-level job in finance? And what are the options available to you?

Finance jobs can be broken down into 6 key sectors

And there are many opportunities for entry-level jobs within all these sectors. All you need to do is think about where your talents and interests fit best before you start to plan your career and training.

Here’s our top pick of the best entry-level finance jobs


A bookkeeper is responsible for gathering and recording the transactions across the business. This is then broken down and detailed into how much money the company makes and spends. The role of a bookkeeper can include processing invoices, creating P&L (profit and loss) and making sure that everything ‘balances’. There are entry level roles available to those without previous experience. But one thing to bear in mind is that you don’t only need to be organised and methodical. You will also need good IT skills as most, if not all bookkeeping will be managed through accounting software. Sage is the most popular, so any experience of this software will help when applying for finance jobs.

Payroll Administrator

Most of us will already know exactly what a payroll administrator does, as we have been on the other side. But it’s more than simply paying money into your bank every month. A payroll administrator will look after bonuses, overtime, maternity pay, paternity pay and many things in-between. If you thrive on responsibility you will make a great payroll administrator. You will need to be able to work to strict deadlines! No one likes to be paid later after all. There are entry-level positions available within payroll. And you don’t always need previous experience. You do however, need to show that you have excellent numerical ability, excellent timekeeping and are highly organised.


Mortgage Advisor

A mortgage advisor may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to finance jobs. But it’s a great way to start your career if you love to give great advice. Buying a house is considered one of the most stressful things we experience. You could be working with both individuals and business owners and offering lots of advice on different mortgages. This is one finance role where you really can upskill. You will learn about house prices, inflation, legislation and lots of other things that impact the housing market. For an entry-level role, make sure that your passion for helping people comes across at interview.

Financial Advisor

This is another job in finance where you need more than just strong numerical skills. As a financial advisor you need to be able to help a range of clients choose from a wide range of products. It isn’t just loans and other borrowing either. A financial advisor is also able to offer advice on pensions, savings and investments. Sound scary? Don’t worry, there are ways to build your experience and confidence before going straight into being a financial advisor. Even working in the customer service department of a financial services company is a great way to start your career.

Credit Controller

As a credit controller, you have a responsibility to manage the debts of the company. That means that you are responsible for recovering any unpaid money that is owed to the business. So you’ll need a confident communication style as well as exceptional attention to detail. This role calls for strong organisation skills and an inquisitive mind too. As not only will you be chasing payments, you will also have responsibility for assessing customers credit ratings, or even arranging payment plans.

If you want to start your career in finance, then these jobs are great places to start. Take a look at our latest jobs today or speak to one of our specialist consultants.