Finding the perfect employee to join your company is difficult. And the combination of Covid and Brexit probably haven’t helped. However, you still aim to source and recruit the best of the best who will fit both your role and company culture. You’re no doubt already busy, and recruiting is just another thing to add to your long to do list. You’re battling to turn around an attractive job description, market your role, source ideal candidates, search through piles of online applications and conduct interviews. It’s a very time-consuming and lengthy process.

And even if you do see a couple of remarkable candidates who applied for your role, you rush to contact them only to find out they are no longer available. Who’s snapped them up? One of your competitors maybe? Maybe it’s a competitor who has utilised a great recruitment agency?

If you feel like you’re losing the recruitment battle and you’re looking to boost your efforts, working with recruitment agencies is a strategy to consider. Read on to find out the benefits of collaborating with industry experts today.

The benefits of working with a recruitment agency

Here are just a few reasons why you should be working with a recruiter to source your next employee:


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to hand over your recruitment needs to someone who you trust? Someone who will get the job done and secure the very best candidate for you with minimal fuss. Allowing you to focus on what you’re good at – your job. Recruiters live and breathe recruitment. We know how to get results, even in the current market. A recruiter will have a plethora of tools at their fingertips that helps make your recruitment process more efficient. We know how to attract the right candidates. We can even make contact with people who may not actively be looking for a job but are likely to be excited by your opportunity.

Better still, a recruiter can even save you money by ensuring they source candidates who will become long-term, loyal employees. They do this by matching not just skills, but ambitions, values, and culture fit. This reduces the likelihood of starting the recruitment process again a few months later!


Recruitment is our passion. We understand how important each candidate touchpoint is, along with strategies to source, engage with and convert talented applicants into keen candidates.

A good recruiter will have a detailed understanding the market and their area of specialism. Maybe you’re looking to fill a digital marketing role? A recruiter who specialises in digital marketing will have the industry knowledge to find you the perfect candidate. They understand the skillset you need, and some will even have hands-on experience themselves. Therefore, in a skills short market, if you’re struggling to find exactly what you need, a specialist recruiter may be able to make suggestions on how to widen your search.


And it’s not just the experience to understand who you are looking for, and how to find them. Recruitment agencies will have a large pool of candidates. This is what sets us apart! Not only will a recruiter have an excellent database of candidates that they have been building over a number of years, but they will also have a strong network they can tap into. It’s amazing how many candidates get the job of their dreams for a recommendation from a colleague. A recruiter knows how to utilise their connections to get the best results for you.

A recruiters mission is to support you in finding the ideal candidate. However, they also support their pool of talent to find the ideal role and workplace. It’s the perfect combination.

Finding the right recruitment agency for you

Not all recruitment agencies are the same. Therefore, it’s important that you select and work with the most suitable one for you and your business. Be sure to work with an agency that reflects your company values and can positively represent your company.

Once you’ve found the right recruiter for you, you’ll have a team of experts at hand, ready to find you the next pool of talent!

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